Pak reporter tries defaming India citing shaky ‘Religious Freedom’ report, US State Dept deflects

May 17, 2023

Washington DC (US) May 17 (ANI): US State Department Principal Spokesperson Vedant Patel snubbed Pakistan reporter Jahanzaib Ali over his continuous questions on India’s religious freedom and US’ annual report on International Religious Freedom. “As expected, India is out of CPC countries. I now understand that U.S. Government is not bound to implement the suggestions, recommendations of U.S. commission and other groups, but could you please give us any specific reason for keeping out the biggest violator of religious freedom from the CPC countries?” Jahanzaib asked. To this, Vedant Patel said, “Look, we carefully monitor religious – the religious freedom situation in every country and we encourage each government to uphold its commitments to protect religious freedom of all – for all and engage officials around the world to regularly take steps that advance this core issue of religious freedom.”