Agri-Ecotourism becoming popular in Moscow

Nov 01, 2022

Moscow (Russia), Nov 01 (ANI/ TV BRICS): A separate house instead of a hotel room. The birds are real, not made from towels or napkins. This is tourism with an "agro" prefix. It is developing all over the world, including Russia. This is what an eco-farm in the Moscow region looks like. The farm has been welcoming guests since 2008. Everyone can meet its representatives, from small to large. Rabbits, roosters, chickens, geese, and ducks. By the way, there is a whole pond dug out for them. There is a herd of sheep and some cows, and, of course, horses. The farm is a family business. It's not just the adults who look after the animals, the younger generation also has their own responsibilities. Guests can also learn about the rustic way of life in the distant past. Domestic utensils and handicrafts are exhibited in the museum. Workshops for children and adults are also held here.