Yamaha hires specially-abled staff

Mar 11, 2023

Tokyo (Japan), Mar 11 (ANI): Japanese global Motorbike Giant Yamaha Motors is trying to be inclusive in its employment procedures. 90% of Yamaha's annual sales come from foreign countries. Yamaha tries to hire employees from different nations and genders in its firm. "Yamaha Motor MIRAI" is the name of the entire company. The word "Mirai" means future. Yamaha also aims to employ the especially abled and thus help in creating a better society. There are three types of work for the staff. Mutual communication between staff and his leader cultivated a trusting relationship. The business support group works on common office work. The PC Reuse Group cleans old computers used by Yamaha Motor and sells them to the market. Staff cleans old computers and replaces a data disk containing personal information on a new one. The Japanese motorbike giant is transforming into a new global giant with diversified employment as one of its features.