Paytm unveils bold vision: Indian pioneer seeks to conquer markets with AI-led financial revolution

Nov 29, 2023

Dubai (UAE), Nov 28 (ANI): Founder of Paytm Vijay Shekhar Sharma on November 28 talked about the company’s future endeavours, emphasizing its commitment to India while revealing plans for international expansion and a significant integration of artificial intelligence (AI). In an exclusive interview with ANI, Shekhar spoke about Paytm’s core identity and emphasised that Paytm is a product crafted in India, designed specifically for the Indian market. Shekhar said, “I think Paytm is a product that we have made in India, for India. There is something that we’ve done, and there are a lot of things that we are still to commit and deliver in India. For example, like you’ve seen us doing the payments significantly, while some production credit, some product and insurance have come up”. Talking about AI technology, Shekhar said, "AI is something that, in my opinion, will change the way we all live. In my opinion, in the next three years, we would rather be an AI technology company. Obviously, the offering will be financial services, there is no secret, but the amount of integration of AI as a fundamental workflow will be dramatically more."