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US foreign policy after the special presidential election

Jun 10, 2024

Washington [US], June 10: Up to now, it is almost certain that the US Presidential election taking place next November will be a race between two candidates, current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.
Compared to the 2020 election, it was during a pandemic so there were many differences between such a situation. This year's election is a competition between a current president and a former president, meaning both people have once held the presidential position. This is also a special thing that happened a long time ago in America. Both are very old, thus causing even more concern within the United States.
People will certainly watch closely the two debates between the two candidates on television that will take place in the near future. Perhaps, in the two upcoming debates, the key content will be the following issues.
One is the issue of inflation. Under Mr. Biden's term, although the economy has made positive changes, inflation is always a challenge, so this will be the issue that the two candidates debate.
Second is about border security. Currently, this is an issue of deep disagreement between the two sides, especially the southern border of the United States.
Third is about abortion rights. During Mr. Biden's term, the Supreme Court allowed US states to impose abortion bans. This is a factor that female voters will pay strong attention to.
Currently, Mr. Trump is in legal trouble and has been convicted of a criminal offense. So if Mr. Trump is sentenced to prison, how will this affect the election?
It is clear that the recent declaration of Mr. Trump guilty of a criminal offense has had a lot of impact. But according to legal analysts, it seems unlikely that Mr. Trump will be sentenced to prison soon or that if he is sentenced, there will be appeals, so there is a high possibility that the final verdict against Mr. Trump will not happen soon. .
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper