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Tunisia foils 10 illegal immigration attempts to cross Mediterranean

Aug 16, 2022

Tunis [Tunisia], August 16: Tunisia has foiled 10 illegal immigration attempts to cross the Mediterranean to the Italian coast, National Guard Spokesman Houcemeddine Jbabli said on Monday.
Tunisia's Maritime Guard thwarted these illegal immigrants late Sunday and early Monday off the country's southern, northern and central-eastern coasts, Jbabli said in a statement.
During these operations, the Maritime Guard arrested 156 illegal immigrants, including 102 from African countries, according to the spokesman.
Tunisians top illegal immigrant national groups reaching Italy this year, according to the Italian Ministry of Interior. As of Aug. 8, a total of 10,000 Tunisian immigrants managed to reach the Italian shore illegally.
Located in the central Mediterranean, Tunisia is one of the most popular transit points for illegal immigration to Europe.
Although Tunisian authorities have adopted rigorous measures to tackle the problem, the number of illegal immigrants from Tunisia to Italy has increased.
Source: Xinhua