Behzad Kharas & Kshitij Limaye Introduce KBNK

The BNK Group and Kshitij Limaye forge new pathways in workspace design with KBNK

Sep 19, 2023

New Delhi [India], September 19: In the ever-evolving world of design and innovation, the fusion of expertise and creativity often leads to groundbreaking developments. Such is the case with the remarkable collaboration between The BNK Group, helmed by Behzad Kharas and Kshitij Limaye, which has given birth to KBNK. This venture merged The BNK Group's extensive experience in luxury residential and hospitality projects with Kshitij Limaye's 22 years of expertise in large workplace projects. The aim? To revolutionise workspace design by infusing it with the same custom-tailored approach found in high-end residential and hospitality interiors. Let's explore how this unique partnership is poised to reshape the world of workspace design and the broader implications it carries.
What inspired the collaboration between The BNK Group and Kshitij Limaye to formulate KBNK?
Behzad Kharas - The collaboration between The BNK Group and Kshitij Limaye to create KBNK was inspired by the idea of merging The BNK Group's expertise of over 2 decades in high-end luxury residential and hospitality projects with Kshitij's 22 years of experience in large workplace projects. This is aimed at infusing commercial workspaces with the same customised design approach found in residential and hospitality interiors while leveraging a process-oriented approach to commercial interiors to enhance hospitality and residential projects. 
Kshitij Limaye - This partnership is symbiotic in nature. The idea is to reshape the commercial design landscape through decades of luxury project expertise and, in turn, set new industry benchmarks. 
What unique vision does it bring to the world of workspace design?
Kshitij Limaye - The idea is that it cuts through clutter, understanding user preferences and meticulously crafting harmonious, balanced spaces that reflect the contemporary context. This approach ensures that our designs resonate with both functionality and aesthetics, creating workspaces that inspire productivity and creativity.
The Manhattan-style BNK Office at Marathon Mumbai serves as a flagship example of your design capabilities. Could you illustrate the KBNK Philosophy and its approach to modern office design?
Behzad Kharas - Our philosophy is not confined to a single idea; it's about creating spaces where businesses and individuals can thrive. We wanted to create an office with inspiration points for the team. The BNK Office embodies this philosophy by promoting transparency and openness, prioritising human-centric design strategies, fostering an environment conducive to both formal and informal interactions, embracing a work-eat-play concept, utilising a fresh and neutral palette and incorporating sustainability as a core principle.
How do you see KBNK contributing to the evolution of modern business environments, and what sets it apart from other workspace design solutions?
Kshitij Limaye - KBNK's ability to translate abstract aspirations into dynamic spaces that foster both business growth and individual well-being distinguishes it as a truly innovative workspace design solution.
The BNK Group has expanded its presence internationally in recent years. How has this global perspective influenced your approach to the design and growth of KBNK?
Behzad Kharas - In today's interconnected world, talent and opportunities are readily accessible in our industry. The global landscape has become more equitable. We have a strong focus on the Middle East and Africa due to our past projects in these regions. To enhance our design excellence and ensure our designs remain relevant to their context, we are assembling a multinational design team. This diverse team infuses various cultural perspectives into our designs wherever we operate, creating a harmonious blend of global best practices and local sensitivities.
Can you elaborate on how KBNK's mission to reshape workspaces aligns with the broader commitment of The BNK Group to design excellence and innovation, also considering your recent partnership with Neelam Kothari in ‘LINK BNK’?
Kshitij Limaye - Our mission at KBNK is to transform workspaces through creative and sustainable design while ensuring efficient and seamless execution and achieving tangible-intangible aspirations. This commitment aligns perfectly with The BNK Group's dedication to design excellence and innovation. 
Behzad Kharas - Our core belief of transparency is reflected across all our different partnerships, including LINK BNK with Neelam and KBNK with Kshitij. We also extend this philosophy to luxury residences and hospitality projects, where we channel ideas into focused design strategies that meet user aspirations, providing a transparent build process across all segments.
As the world of workspace design continues to evolve, KBNK aims to stand as a beacon of innovation and creativity. Their vision of creating harmonious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workspaces that cater to the contemporary context is set to redefine industry standards. This diverse team incorporates a range of cultural viewpoints into their designs across all locations, striking a balance between global best practices and a deep understanding of local sensitivities.
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