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Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry discusses strategic business training development in Spain

Jun 10, 2024

Sharjah [UAE], June 10: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), represented by the Sharjah Training and Development Centre (STDC), has concluded its official visit to Spain, as part of SCCI's Strategic Business Leadership programme.
Launched by the Sharjah Chamber in collaboration with Granada Chamber of Commerce and the University of Granada, the training programme aims to bolster the strategic leadership and business management capabilities of human resources in government and private sector institutions, offering innovative solutions and drafting strategic plans to enhance organisational performance.
Headed by Amal Abdullah Al Ali, STDC Director, the Sharjah Chamber's delegation comprised employees from various government and private sector entities operating in the emirate. They conducted several meetings with officials from the Granada Chamber of Commerce and its affiliate training center.
During these meetings, the delegation outlined the objectives and key focus areas of the Sharjah Chamber's Strategic Business Leadership programme, as well as the participating economic and commercial institutions' fields of work. They also explored ways to enhance cooperation between the two sides in developing human resources' strategic leadership and business management skills.
The Sharjah Chamber delegation also visited the University of Granada, where they engaged in multiple discussions with a selection of experts and specialists in administrative fields. These gatherings aimed to exchange insights on the role of leadership in strategy development, share best practices and experiences in management, and discuss methods for advancing leadership programmes in commercial and strategic sectors. The discussions focused on developing skills essential for strategic decision-making and anticipating future business trends.
As part of the tour, Omar Obaid Alshamsi, the Ambassador of the UAE to the Kingdom of Spain, welcomed the Sharjah Chamber delegation. He received a briefing from the delegation on the objectives of the Strategic Business Leadership programme and the outcomes of their tour to Spain.
The delegation also highlighted the programme's role in facilitating the exchange of expertise and experiences and adopting the best global practices for developing human resource capabilities in strategic planning.
Maryam Saif Al Shamsi, Assistant Director-General for the Support Services Sector at the Sharjah Chamber, said the Strategic Business Leadership programme is one of the SCCI's most innovative initiatives. Designed to enhance human resources skills, the programme focuses on empowering participants to make strategic decisions, anticipate future trends, and build more effective and proactive strategies. Therefore, it adds significant value to the work of both public and private institutions.
She underscored the significance of the tour in enhancing the programme's outcomes by providing an opportunity for participants to explore the best global practices in business management. Al Shamsi elucidated that the tour offered valuable hands-on experiences, in-depth insights and understanding of diverse work environments and the innovative strategies adopted by the participating institutions.
She further noted that the meetings conducted in Spain during the tour will pave the way for extensive future collaboration and joint efforts in training and innovation between both sides.
For her part, Amal Abdullah Al Ali highlighted that the tour, which was an integral component of the Strategic Business Leadership programme's graduation project, involved a series of business meetings conducted over several days.
Throughout these meetings, the Sharjah Chamber delegation engaged with experts and specialists from Spain-based economic and academic institutions to discuss the various methods and approaches used to assess and analyze business risks, which stand as a cornerstone in strategic business decision-making and the effective implementation of proposed strategies.
They also explored the use of the innovative Value Curve model and how to draw up a plan to implement the proposed strategies/projects and develop business processes in comparison to the global practices they observed.
Additionally, the delegation discussed strategy preparation mechanisms, identifying key differentiators and success factors not included in the core strategy as well as new methods for designing contingency strategies.
During its tour, which marked the conclusion of the "Strategic Business Leadership" programme, the Sharjah Chamber conducted a number of field visits in the city of Granada, Spain. These visits were aimed at gaining insights into the strategic business management practices and experiences of Granada-based institutions, thereby enriching the knowledge and skills of the programme's participants.
Source: Emirates News Agency