Ajith PJ at the Convocation ceremony

Indian Expat Receives Prestigious Doctorate for Pioneering Research in Ship Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emission Reduction

Dec 05, 2023

SRV Media
New Delhi [India], December 5: In a momentous ceremony at the 21st convocation function of the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun, Ajith PJ, an Indian expat working in the UAE over two decades now, was honored with an academic doctorate for his pioneering research on "Measuring Energy Efficiency of Offshore Support Vessels in the UAE for developing an Operational Framework and Performance Index."
Spanning over six years, Ajith's research was focused on addressing a focused business problem in the maritime industry: the lack of a standardized methodology for analyzing energy efficiency and monitoring carbon emissions in Offshore Support Vessels' operations. His work highlighted the potential for both direct and indirect losses because of the absence of effective measurement and monitoring, which affects operational costs and contributes to environmental concerns. Ajith concluded by his work with findings on optimal solutions for streamlining and monitoring the energy efficiency of offshore support ships in the UAE region, which has the 4th largest concentration of such ships.
Ajith expressed, "I am extremely honored to receive this research degree for his contributions to sustainability studies. This achievement has become even more special as it coincides with the ongoing COP28 summit hosted by the UAE Government to address the pressing global climate change challenges and promote sustainability." He further added, "My research was motivated by the UAE's first unified energy strategy, "Energy Strategy 2050," which aims at substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints from the shipping industry."
Since 2021, the United Arab Emirates has been striving to execute the IMO's first strategy for cutting carbon dioxide emissions from ships. Since then, the country has achieved a staggering 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry, exceeding its original target of 30%. This shows the UAE as a country really cares about sustainable shipping initiatives.
Sir. Sohan Roy, Founder Chairman and CEO of Aries Group, stated, "Aries Group has always committed to research and development on sustainable initiatives, especially in the maritime sector. Using varied solutions, our team undertook pioneering efforts in converting over 2500 big ships worldwide into more environmentally friendly green ships in the last 4 years. Aries provides a platform for its employees' professional and academic development in close collaboration with domain-specific universities and reputed research centers globally. We congratulate Ajith for his achievement on his academic PhD on a topic that is very relevant to the UAE shipping market, and Aries will ensure that his research findings for reducing CO2 emissions are practically implemented in the industry."
An Engineering graduate in Naval Architecture with an MBA in Technology Management, Ajith joined Aries Marine in 2001 and ascended the corporate ladder to become the youngest Managing Director responsible for innovative project development in the company. Aries is a multinational consortium with business interests in maritime, offshore, energy, and oil and gas projects operating in 25 countries. His vision and leadership have played a pivotal role in the growth of Aries Marine, with a team size expanding to nearly 2400 personnel across 60+ offices globally. His extensive career, spanning 23 years, includes noteworthy achievements, including executing designs, design reviews, and project management for the construction of over 80 new-build or retrofit offshore support vessels; consulting on innovative concepts that entered the Guinness Book of World Records, including the design of the world's longest steel snake boat. He has also played a fundamental role in initiating sustainable survey and condition assessment techniques using aerial drones and underwater ROVs, making Aries the first company in the Middle East to offer such combined services.
Besides his academic accomplishments, Ajith is the youngest person from the Middle East to be awarded as a Fellow of the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, USA. He founded and acted as Chair of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (UAE), showcasing his commitment to advancing the field and spreading professional knowledge, and has contributed significantly to the industry as a Chartered Engineer. As a qualified ISO/ISM Auditor, he has also served on various technical committees of marine classification societies like ABS, DNV, LRS, and regional training centers. Ajith continues to contribute to the industry's advancement, actively taking part in professional organizations and presenting papers at international conferences and panel discussions. His commitment to sustainability and innovation will surely set a benchmark for the maritime and training sectors, making him a notable figure in the global maritime community.
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