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IAEA chief expresses concern over AUKUS setting bad precedent

Oct 24, 2021

London (UK), October 24: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head has expressed concern over AUKUS being used by other non-nuke countries as a precedent to pursue nuclear submarine plans.
Referring to the new tripartite security pact among Australia, Britain and the United States, Rafael Grossi, the IAEA director general said during a visit to Washington that he had "set up a special team to look into the nuclear safeguards and legal implications of the partnership," The Guardian said in a recent report.
The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog has warned that other countries could follow suit and seek to build nuclear submarines, raising 'serious proliferation and legal concerns," the report added.
The treaty was announced on Sept. 15, under which Washington and London will support Canberra in building nuclear-powered submarines, and if carried through, will mark the first time a non-nuclear weapons state has acquired nuclear-powered submarines.
Source: Xinhua