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German defence minister assures support on Baltic States trip

Sep 26, 2023

Riga [Latvia], September 26: German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius assured the Baltic States on Monday of Germany's solidarity and support against the backdrop of Russia's war in Ukraine.
At the start of a three-day visit to the Baltic region in eastern Europe, Pistorius met Latvian counterpart AndrisSpruds in Riga.
"We stand by your side. Germany is ready to take a leading military role in the Baltic States," Pistorius said. "Your security is our security." He said Germany was keeping its promise and contributing to the protection of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on land, at sea and in the air.
"We bear responsibility, a very special responsibility for this region," Pistorius stressed.
The three EU countries on NATO's eastern flank all border Russia and, in some cases, its close ally Belarus. All three former Soviet republics are concerned about their own security following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Spruds said the threat from Russia is long-term and that his country takes it "very seriously." "We very much appreciate the German contribution to regional security," he said, referring to the German armed forces' leading role in a NATO battlegroup in neighbouring Lithuania.
On Tuesday, the German delegation will continue to Estonia, where the Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD) is set to take place. Germany has significantly expanded its military engagement in the Baltic States since Russia launched its war on Ukraine in February last year.
Source: Qatar Tribune