Stonex’s Statuario marble is a high-quality and luxurious natural stone that is quarried in the mountains of Carrara, Italy

For the Discerning Indian Buyers, Only the Best Marble Will Do

Sep 21, 2023

BusinessWire India
New Delhi [India], September 21: A home is a lifetime investment for a family and no compromises on quality should be contemplated. In parallel, architects, engineers and interior designers must adopt global standards for today’s global Indian. Stonex makes all this eminently possible.
Stonex now offers marble of 20 mm thickness, which is streets ahead in their visual appeal, strength, durability and climate resilience.

The global Indian is not only affluent and well-traveled but also a discerning consumer.
Beginning with the era of economic liberalisation in the 1990s and spanning the decades of India’s growth story, a new class of Indian consumers has emerged. The members of this socio-economic section exemplify the successful Indian, who seized the opportunities that sprang up in the country and proved that the self-made Indian can be a world-beater. These Indians are affluent, well-travelled, global in their thinking and discerning buyers – whether it is art, wines, couture, automobiles or homes. India’s metropolitan cities and the satellite enclaves around them are studded with awe-inspiring bungalows and apartments that would merit admiration in any part of the developed world. The architecture, building and interior materials, the design and décor, and the minute detailing all combine to create living and working spaces that are undeniably luxurious.
These homeowners get totally immersed in the process of creation and some of their most important decisions revolve around the choice of marble and natural stones used in the construction. They demand products that combine stunning visual aesthetics with enduring value that lasts for generations. They seek global standards.
20 mm is the global standard of marble
Such world-class marble and natural stones are offered by Stonex. In this category, the thickness of the product is of paramount importance. In the past, customers in India and China fell into the trap of short-sighted cost-saving. They settled for marble of 16 mm and 18 mm thickness, which were inferior in aesthetics, strength and durability.
Key benefits of choosing 20 mm marble
A mere addition of 2 mm thickness translates to a 30% increase in the stone’s strength and endurance, opening up new possibilities for architects and engineers.
The slightly diminished translucency of 20 mm marble intensifies its inner lustre, creating a look of classical elegance and understated luxury. The superior grain quality takes the aesthetics to a new level, elevating each space to a zenith of magnificence rarely seen before. And this is beauty that withstands the test of time.
Given India’s varying and extreme climatic conditions, the life of the marble can be compromised. The 20 mm thickness ensures resilience against expansions and contractions within the stone, effectively reducing the risk of cracks and fractures.
20 mm is the gold standard for refined aesthetics
With 20 mm marble, a new vista of possibilities opens up, allowing architects and interior designers to innovate with amazing new ideas without worrying about the stone’s strength and durability. This material fits in beautifully with evolving trends in architectural design and construction techniques, with its slimness and pristine glow enhancing the ambience of every space.
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