First Crack Roasters Hosts Successful Event in Hyderabad

First Crack Specialty Roasters Hosts Successful Crafting Coffee Culture Event in Hyderabad

Jun 21, 2024

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 21: The Crafting Coffee Culture event, hosted by First Crack Specialty Roasters at Quorum, Hyderabad, was a resounding success. The event drew a diverse audience of coffee growers, cafe owners, soluble coffee manufacturers, and professionals from the specialty coffee community.
Specialty coffees are high-quality beans sourced from specific regions or farms, cultivated under ideal conditions and processed meticulously to deliver unique flavors. The event's special guest, Ashok Patre, Managing Partner of Ratnagiri International, a renowned grower of premium specialty coffee from Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, provided insightful commentary during an interactive session. Patre highlighted the importance and challenges of cultivating high-grade specialty Indian coffee to compete with top-tier Colombian, Panamanian, and Ethiopian coffees. He also discussed the evolution of the Indian coffee market through the three waves seen globally.
Attendees experienced the unique process of cupping premium coffees from Ratnagiri Estate, roasted by First Crack. Cupping involves professional cuppers rating coffees based on fragrance, aroma, flavor, acidity, and body on a scale of 0-100. Coffees scoring above 80 are considered specialty. The event featured exceptional coffees rated between 86-92, a rarity for Indian coffees, typically seen in South American and Ethiopian varieties. This achievement is attributed to the meticulous growing and processing methods developed by Patre at Ratnagiri and also to the roasters who bring the best beans characteristic and flavour profile through their roasting methods.

About First Crack Specialty Roasters
Founded in 2021 by Chandini, who also serves as the Lead Roaster, First Crack Specialty Roasters is Hyderabad's first independent roastery dedicated to bringing the best of Indian specialty coffees to customers. The brand primarily operates in the B2B space, supplying freshly roasted coffees to cafes and restaurants. Their product line includes options suited for espresso-based drinks, single estate pour-overs, and cold brew blends. Plans are underway to launch in the retail and e-commerce space by the end of the year.
Chandini's journey into specialty coffee began in 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she was inspired by the concept of freshly roasted coffees in cafes with their own micro-roasteries. Upon returning to India, she started home-roasting in 2021 with a 1kg sample machine on her terrace, supplying nearby cafes. This experience sparked the idea for First Crack Specialty Roasters. To further her expertise, Chandini completed the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Professional Roasting Certification Course at Espresso Academy in Florence, Italy, and now roasts on a 5-kg Probat Roaster in Hyderabad.
A Distinguished Q Grader
This year, Chandini achieved the prestigious Q Grader certification from the Coffee Quality Institute, joining an exclusive group of only 60 Q Graders in India and one of the few in Telangana. Q Graders are akin to wine sommeliers in the coffee industry, licensed professionals who analyze and score coffees based on quality. Speaking about her journey, Chandini said, "You must have good control over the entire coffee supply chain to maintain the high standards of specialty coffee. It starts from choosing the right green beans at estates, storing them in the right conditions, roasting the lots based on their specific characteristics to get the best flavor notes, and finally packaging these coffees to preserve their aromas."
The Crafting Coffee Culture event marked a significant milestone for First Crack Specialty Roasters, reinforcing their commitment to elevating the specialty coffee scene in India.
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