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Expo Centre Sharjah signs agreement to launch Middle East Electric Vehicle Show 2025

Jun 10, 2024

Sharjah [UAE], June 10: Expo Centre Sharjah (ECS) has signed a partnership agreement with MIE Events to launch the Middle East Electric Vehicle Show (MEEVS) in 2025 at the Centre.
The agreement sets the stage for the largest event in the electric vehicle industry, with participation from over 100 global brands. This major event aims to highlight the future of sustainable transportation, showcasing the latest models in electric, hydrogen, and hybrid vehicles and electric bikes, alongside cutting-edge solutions and technologies in the electric transport sector.
The signing ceremony took place at the Centre's headquarters and was attended by Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, and David Wang, Chairman and CEO of MIE Events, along with several officials from both parties.
Under the agreement, both parties will work towards the success of the exhibition, introducing the regional audience to the latest innovations in the world of electric vehicles (EVs) from various brands and manufacturers.
The exhibition will feature components and systems of electric vehicles such as motors, electronic control units, and battery management systems, with participation from providers of charging services and integrated renewable energy solutions, highlighting developments in the EV industry in general.
Saif Mohammed Al Midfa noted that the partnership agreement to organise an electric vehicle exhibition at Expo Sharjah is a strategic move to keep pace with global shifts in sustainable technology and its new industrial applications in transportation.
It aims to bolster the presence of electric vehicle manufacturers in the UAE markets and accelerate the pace of EV adoption, thereby helping to reduce the transportation sector's carbon footprint. This supports the "UAE Net Zero by 2050" strategic initiative and the circular economy, while also enhancing economic development.
The EV sector represents a promising future for global industry. Adding this sector to Expo Sharjah's lineup of events underscores the Centre's commitment to organising more specialised exhibitions that bring the latest developments and technologies to the public in the UAE and the region.
Al Midfa expressed hope that MEEVS 2025 would serve as an important platform for EV manufacturers, suppliers, investors, and experts to discuss and showcase the latest innovations in this field, providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and insights and build strategic partnerships that drive progress in the region's EV sector.
For his part, David Wang stated that the partnership between MIE Events and Expo Sharjah to organise the electric vehicle exhibition is a pivotal step towards promoting sustainable technology and presenting the latest innovations in the EV sector.
He praised the Centre's commitment to providing a platform that brings together EV manufacturers, suppliers, investors, and experts to discuss and showcase the latest developments in this vital field.
Source: Emirates News Agency