ENEOS MOTOR OIL at MotoGP Bharat 2023 - Japanese technology that moves India forward!

ENEOS MOTOR OIL at MotoGP Bharat 2023 - Japanese technology that moves India forward!

Sep 25, 2023

New Delhi [India], September 25: Let’s embark on a journey through the heart of MotoGP, where precision engineering and cutting-edge technology merge! Discover how ENEOS, a leading Japanese motor oil company, is continuously working its way to revolutionize the automobile landscape.
MotoGP isn't just a motorsport, it's a global phenomenon. It's a stage where riders and their machines push the boundaries of human and engineering capabilities to their limits. The event showcases the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, drawing millions of fans into its exhilarating orbit. Amidst the roaring engines, adrenaline, and nail-biting races, there's a hidden hero that powers these high-performance racing bikes - specially formulated motor oil.
MotoGP racing bikes are a class apart, epitomizing the very essence of high-performance motorcycles. They are meticulously crafted racing beasts with engines designed for a singular purpose - to unleash raw, unbridled power while maintaining peak performance. Operating under extreme conditions, these engines generate immense heat and stress during races. To endure this relentless pursuit of performance, they rely on specially formulated motor oil of the highest quality. This achievement in performance engineering requires a close collaboration between automobile companies and motor oil manufacturers to ensure that these bikes receive the perfect blend of power and reliability.
As the thunderous excitement of MotoGP arrives in India in 2023, it brings not only the thrill of the races but also a groundbreaking development. ENEOS is gearing up to launch its innovative X Series motor oil in the Indian market. This marks a pivotal moment where Japanese precision converges seamlessly with the ambitions of the Indian automobile industry.
ENEOS Corporation is a Japanese motor oil company with a rich history dating back to its establishment on May 10, 1888. ENEOS embodies Japanese precision and innovation, a legacy rooted in its commitment to excellence. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo's vibrant Chiyoda-ku district.
Japan is celebrated for its technological expertise, and ENEOS proudly upholds this legacy. ENEOS's affiliation with Japan reflects its dedication to top-notch engineering. Yet, ENEOS goes beyond and leads in every aspect. It has established strategic OEM partnerships with prominent automobile manufacturers and has built up a trust with them that has lasted for almost half a century. Through these OEM collaborations, ENEOS delivers cutting-edge technology and also provides them with -
* In-house testing facilities, tailoring strategies for each OEM partner to align with their precise oil specifications.
* Factory fill and/or service fill lubricants which are supplied to the majority of vehicle manufacturers throughout Asia
Their commitment to excellence extends to the heart-pounding world of MotoGP, where precision and reliability reign supreme. In this high-speed arena, ENEOS has formed a dynamic partnership with Yamaha.
ENEOS is meticulously formulating uniquely designed lubricants for Yamaha, optimizing their performance. But this partnership goes beyond the surface! Each racing bike, depending on its cubic capacity, demands a specific viscosity of motor oil. It's a delicate balance. Their experts are advancing and continuously working on these lubricants to hone them to perfection, ensuring that every Yamaha on the track roars with unparalleled power and reliability.
ENEOS' dedication to quality and innovation is unyielding. They invest significantly in research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries of what motor oil can achieve.
As MotoGP races into India at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, ENEOS stands ready to introduce Indian enthusiasts to the same high-tech motor oil that fuels world-class racing machines. So don’t forget to witness this amazing event with 200 other countries as ENEOS sets the stage for a new era of performance and reliability on Indian roads. Against this backdrop, they are also subtly unveiling the launch of their X Series motor oil.
ENEOS, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to excellence. It  has extended its expertise into the development of premium engine oils, now preferred by leading Indian OEMs. This endeavor goes beyond just motorcycle engine oil and extends to passenger car motor oil as well. Our X Series is setting a new standard in terms of fuel economy, offering low-speed pre-ignition compatibility.
Features Of The ENEOS X Series:
* Unparalleled Comfort: ENEOS X Series ensures an extraordinarily smooth ride by significantly reducing friction, resulting in noticeably reduced noise and vibration during city driving.[3] 
* Enhanced Fuel Economy: This motor oil delivers impressive fuel efficiency gains, promoting cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.
* Optimized Acceleration: ENEOS X Series, with its reduced internal friction, elevates your vehicle's acceleration capabilities, enhancing overall driving performance.
The forthcoming introduction of the X Series marks a transformative moment in the Indian lubricant market, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and dependability. ENEOS isn't just motor oil but a perfect embodiment of Japanese technology, formulated in Japan for Indian aspirations, and poised to elevate India's motor oil industry to new heights. So what's the wait? It's time to upgrade, Upgrade To Japanese Technology!
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