Dr Vishnu Vardhan, founder and CEO of SML and Vizzhy, accepting GEN-AI Founder of the year Award

Dr Vishnu Vardhan Foretells India's AI Leadership with Hanooman Launch, Receives GEN-AI Founder of the Year Award

Apr 02, 2024

SRV Media
New Delhi [India], April 2: In a landmark declaration from Bengaluru, Dr Vishnu Vardhan, the visionary founder and CEO of SML and Vizzhy, has boldly asserted India's forthcoming dominance in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain over the next decade.
Accepting the prestigious GEN-AI Founder of the year Award from Business World, Dr Vishnu Vardhan provided profound insights into India's current AI standing and its potential for innovation in the field. "Despite India's initial lag in AI foundational models compared to China's lead with over a hundred models, the relentless advancements within our borders showcase India's ascendancy in AI," he stated.
Introducing Hanooman, an innovative AI model developed by SML, Dr Vishnu Vardhan showcased India's prowess in AI. Hanooman, celebrated as India's first indigenous AI model with multi-modal and multi-lingual capabilities, signifies a significant milestone for Indian AI innovation. "Made in India for the World, Hanooman epitomizes a monumental leap for Indian AI, catering not only to local but also global demands. This innovation underscores our commitment to positioning India at the forefront of the AI revolution," Dr Vardhan emphasized.
The ceremony, attended by luminaries such as Dr Anurag Batra and Noor Fathima Warsia, underscores the event's significance in India's technological aspirations. Dr Vishnu Vardhan's vision and the groundbreaking achievements with Hanooman set a benchmark for India's ambition and potential to become a cornerstone in the future of global AI innovation.
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