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Climate activists express outrage at COP28 inaction

Dec 05, 2023

Dubai [UAE], December 5: German environmental activists attending the UN Climate Change Conference also known as COP28 have called on the 200 countries attending to show greater urgency in combatting global warming and agree on a complete phase-out of fossil fuels.
Luisa Neubauer of Friday's for Future Germany expressed sharp criticism on Monday of conference president Sultan al-Jaber of the United Arab Emirates.
"When key people question the scientific consensus, this brings down ridicule on the entire negotiation process. We are here to safeguard the dignity and integrity of this conference," Neubauer said.
Activists constantly had to point up the simplest findings from climate research that had been around for years, she said.
"Any school pupil can understand it. It's ridiculous, and we are enraged over it."
Britain's Guardian newspaper and the Centre for Climate Reporting reported on Sunday that Al-Jaber had said during a video conference with UN representatives and others in November that there was "no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says that the phase-out of fossil fuel" would limit global warming to 1.5 degrees over the pre-industrial era.
Al-Jaber is controversial as the host of the UN's climate conference because he is also the head of United Arab Emirates' state oil company.
His statements contradicted settled opinion on climate research, Neubauer said.
Clara Duvigneau, also of Fridays for Future Germany, issued an appeal to "leaders of the global north," accusing them of doing too little.
"True action means that all coal, gas and oil projects must be halted, without loopholes," Duvigneau said. "We are watching you, we are outraged and we are disappointed. We're tired of all your empty promises. A complete phase-out of all fossil fuels must be decided here at the COP."
Source: Qatar Tribune