Buying a New TV: What are the aspects to keep in mind in order to make the right choice- explains Rishi Tandon!

Buying a New TV: What are the aspects to keep in mind in order to make the right choice- explains Rishi Tandon!

Jan 24, 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 24 (ANI/PNN): There are times when you feel like buying a new TV but are highly confused regarding how to go about it. The explanation is straightforward: buying a new TV may be both exciting and complicated. Despite the slick looks and huge, colourful displays, the data requirements may leave you perplexed.

, the former COO of Hisense India, further talks about certain considerations that one needs to take while going to buy a new television set.
Make Certain That Your Space Can Support the Minimum Viewing Distance
A 55-inch TV shouldn't ever be purchased merely because it is being offered at a discount and one must calculate the size of your space. According to Rishi Tandan, any 32-inch LED TV should always be viewed from a distance of four feet or more.
On the other side, for a 40-inch and 48-inch TV, the recommended viewing distance is seven feet. So, we can say that a minimum viewing distance of nine feet is required if you intend to purchase a 55-inch or 65-inch LED TV, so make sure your space can fit it.
Invest on a Full-HD TV rather than one that is HD-ready.
The recommendation is to purchase a Full-HD 1080p TV rather than a 720p HD-Ready TV if your finances are not too tight. Additionally, not every HD LED TV offers Full HD 1080p resolution. That said, some less expensive models are always capable of 720p HD. On the other side, as per Rishi Tandon, 720p HD-ready versions can make sense if you rely extensively on your set-top box. However, if you enjoy watching movies or playing video games, 1080p-HD is the ideal choice for you.
Examine the Connectivity Options
Do you have any other ideas for using a TV besides just hooking it up to a set-top box? If so, make sure to get connectors for connectivity like HDMI, USB, 3.5mm audio jack, and other AV ports. While doing that, keep in mind that having Bluetooth is a big plus. Simply said, the more connectivity possibilities, the better!
Refresh Rate Is Important
The term "refresh rate" describes how frequently a certain image on the screen will be refreshed in a second. That said, the 60Hz refresh rate is the norm i.e 60 times every second. According to Rishi Tandon, on TVs with a 60Hz refresh rate, however, some fast-moving scenes could occasionally appear blurry. So, choose a TV with a higher refresh rate =. As a result, the video will appear fluid and let you see content in more detail.
Better brightness levels result from a higher contrast ratio
Rishi Tandon further adds that the range of brightness levels your TV can display is indicated by the contrast ratio. Since a stronger contrast ratio will provide you better presentations in terms of colours and other visual characteristics, you should always choose a TV with a higher contrast ratio.
Select a TV with Native Apps
When choosing a TV model, you should never forget to consider the native app function. Moreover, you should consider what each TV model has to offer before deciding on one. Besides, some TVs can run a variety of practical apps, while others can't.
Keep in Mind That Not All "Smart TVs" Are actually Smart
Rishi Tandon asserts the smart tag on the TV should be known to you. Even though a certain model may have an ecosystem, app store, and operating system that signal smartness, it may not actually be a true smart TV. In addition to smart features like voice commands and more, some others that run Android give users access to a considerably wider variety of apps.
A Key Aspect Is Audio Output
Always remember that the majority of inexpensive TVs have subpar audio. In most circumstances, the audio will make you unhappy, despite the possibility that the picture quality will make you happy. Moreover, a soundbar should be purchased in addition to big TVs. Additionally, you ought to at least spend money on a good 2.1 channel speaker.
Never purchase a too-small television
Rishi Tandan says that if you want to get a new TV, you should opt for a large screen model. The logic behind it is that bigger TVs are typically better. With today's 4K Ultra HD TVs, you may enjoy beautiful picture quality, and a large screen will provide you an immersive viewing experience.
Keeping an eye out for too-big TVs
You did read that correctly. The best course of action would be to never get a TV that is inappropriate for your room. Undoubtedly, a large TV cannot give you a great watching experience if your room is small.
It will give you the impression that you are watching a movie from the front row. Additionally, if you do not own a 4K TV, it will appear hazy up close. Hence, it is advised to reduce size while improving quality if money is an issue. It's because the picture on your TV is everything.
Considering Future Technologies
Remember that you should always purchase a TV for the future rather than for the present. It goes without saying that you want a TV that will be useful to you for many years to come.
Taking account of sound quality
TVs are getting thinner these days, as per Rishi Tandon. But you should always be mindful of the audio quality. You will undoubtedly anticipate good sound quality when you are receiving outstanding picture quality. Consequently, invest in a soundbar or surround system.
Choose the right transportation
After choosing the ideal TV, getting it home is the next crucial step. The best course of action is to purchase a TV with free delivery. Hence, according to Rishi Tandon, make sure to bring the appropriate vehicle to the store if you intend to bring it home personally.
Do not rely solely on a salesperson
Rishi Tandon says that many people only pay attention to salespeople. They fail to remember that salespeople are hired to sell rather than to provide objective consumer advice. Besides, making money is their major objective. Therefore, you should consult objective sources like journalists, reviewers, and subject-matter specialists if you want to have a really unbiased perspective. Never rely only on a salesperson's recommendation.
Final words
Finding the right TV for you may sound a bit complicated at times. Still, while keeping the above-mentioned considerations in mind, you can always make the best and most informed choice, right as per your customized needs.
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