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BLACKPINK releases second full length album "BORN PINK"

Sep 19, 2022

Seoul [South Korea], September 19: K-pop girl group BLACKPINK released their second full-length album "BORN PINK" on Friday, and started targeting global music market.
Their agency YG Entertainment said, "As indicated by its title, the new album depicts the confidence of the members who were born to be unique. With the team's unique music color, they will paint their discography deeply."
The album has 8 songs, including the title song "Shut Down."
"Shut Down" contains a sample of Paganini's "La Campanella" and trendy hip hop beat. With the violin melody and heavy sound, it will give a fresh music experience to listeners.
YG Entertainment said, "The members' solid vocals and dynamic rapping maximize the mysterious charm of the song. The direct lyrics expressing a confident attitude ironically shine more when the dark atmosphere rises."
In particular, the largest production costs were spent to produce music video of this song since the foundation of YG Entertainment. With the huge music video set, it added objects symbolizing the musical journey BLACKPINK has walked.
In addition to "Shut Down," pre-released song "Pink Venom," hip-hop genre song featuring addictive chorus and brass tones "Typa Girl," ballad song "The Happiest Girl" and "Yeah YeahYeah," a '80s-style song for which Jisoo and Rose participated in writing the lyrics, are included.
BLACKPINK's new album exceeded 2 million pre-orders, signaling the first-ever double million seller from any K-pop girl group. It is also drawing attention to whether it will create new K-pop girl group records on the Billboard's main album chart "Billboard 200."
Source: Global Economic Report