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WHO: Virus outbreak not yet a pandemic

Feb 25, 2020

London (United Kingdom), Feb 25: The chief of the World Health Organization says the coronavirus outbreak that has spread from China to other countries does not yet constitute a pandemic.
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke to reporters in Geneva on Monday. He said the outbreak has the potential to become a pandemic. But he said it is too early to use that description.
Tedros stressed that the focus should now be on containing the spread of the virus.
He also expressed concerns about the number of infections in South Korea, Italy and Iran.
But the chief said the world has yet to see the uncontained spread of the virus. He added that large numbers of seriously ill patients or deaths from the virus have not been seen.
Tedros said the WHO will send teams to investigate the situations in Iran and Italy.
He said a team sent to China reported that cases there peaked between January 23 and February 2. The director-general also said the team members reported that the number of cases has been declining.
The chief added that the team had not confirmed any mutations of the virus that could cause more serious conditions.
Source: NHK World