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UK PM likely to attempt 'fudge' to get around Brexit extension - former Tory strategist

Sep 09, 2019

London (UK) September 09: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is today expected to make a last-ditch attempt to set a General Election date for October 15th.
It follows an eventful weekend which saw senior Conservative Amber Rudd quit both the government and the party in protest at the handling of Brexit.
It's also expected that a law supported by opposition parties and rebel conservatives to block a No-Deal Brexit will be passed today.
The anticipated new law would compel the Prime Minister to ask Brussels for an extension to Brexit if no deal has been agreed by October 19th.
There had been speculation that the government might then try to defy this. But Sir Craig Oliver, former Communications Director to David Cameron when Prime Minister, told Euronews' Good Morning Europe he didn't believe that Johnson would break the law.
Sir Craig believes an attempt to 'fudge' the issue is more likely:
"It's not entirely clear what that (fudge) is - but we'll see over the next few days.
"There are all sorts of things that people are suggesting; find another person to go (to Brussels) to request an extension, such as a civil servant. None of the options are attractive to the Prime Minister, but there are ways to get past it.
"Of course, another alternative is to resign (as Prime Minister). I don't think he'd be prepared to do that because it would hand the political initiative to others, but it's a possibility.
"What opposition and rebel conservatives have realised is that you're going to have him on the run if you have an election after October 31. Everything he said before becoming Prime Minister - and since becoming - has been about how we will leave on October 31st
"If they put him in a position where we haven't left, he's going to be weakened."
Source: Euronews