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Thailand declares nationwide state of emergency

Mar 26, 2020

Bangkok (Thailand), Mar 26: Thailand's government has declared a nationwide state of emergency in intensified efforts to control the spread of coronavirus infections.
The measure took effect on Thursday and will remain in force until April 30.
It comes as the country saw more than 100 new cases for the fourth straight day until Wednesday, with the total reaching 934.
The decree bans foreigners from entering the country, with some exceptions, such as diplomats and people with work permits.
Travel between provinces is discouraged, and people under the age of 5 and over 70 are urged to refrain from going out.
It also bans hoarding of medical supplies and food, and disseminating false information that may cause unrest is prohibited.
The government says it will consider introducing additional measures or conducting a review as the situation requires.
Source: NHK World