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Harry Styles says he's 'OK' after being mugged at knifepoint

Feb 27, 2020

London (UK) Feb 27: Life is back to normal for Harry Styles.
Nearly two weeks ago, Styles was reportedly approached by a man with a knife who demanded money from the musician during a night out on the town, according to the UK's Mirror.
During a visit to "Today" on Wednesday, Styles, 26, spoke very briefly about the incident.
"There was a news report about you getting mugged in London," host Carson Daly said to the singer. "We don't have to get into it, but are you OK?"
Styles responded by simply saying, "I'm OK. Thanks for asking."
Per the Mirror, the attack took place late at night on Friday, Feb. 14.
The outlet reported that Styles quickly handed over cash to the attacker, who left the "Adore You" singer unharmed.
"He actually played it pretty cool, quickly giving the assailant cash, keeping himself and the guy calm and getting the situation over with," a source told Mirror. "Understandably though it left him very shaken up afterwards."
A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed to Mirror that police were investigating the robbery.
Source: Fox News