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European leaders discuss 2021-2027 budget

Feb 21, 2020

London (United Kingdom), Feb 21: European Union leaders are wrangling over the bloc's midterm budget, which appears poised to shrink following Britain's departure from the EU last month.
The leaders of 27 member countries began meeting in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the size of the 2021-2027 budget. They are also talking about how the bloc's joint budget should be spent.
Britain's exit from the EU means that the country will no longer contribute to the budget. Those contributions were worth about 10 percent of the total amount.
The draft budget proposed by the EU aims to drastically cut farm subsidies and funds paid to poorer members for their development.
Portugal and Poland are against the proposed cuts. The two countries are members that desperately need funds for infrastructure and other development projects. France and Spain are farming countries. They are also unhappy about the proposal to slash the subsidies.
Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa spoke ahead of the talks. He criticized the draft budget as bad for both the bloc's cohesion and his country. Costa hinted that he would seek revisions.
Source: NHK World