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Europe starts clinical trial for coronavirus drug

Mar 24, 2020

London (United Kingdom), Mar 24: French experts say a European clinical trial of four experimental treatments for the new coronavirus began on Sunday.
The French National Institute of Health and Medical Research says the trial involves remdesivir, an experimental drug for Ebola; the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine; and a combination of the anti-HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir, which will be administered with or without interferon beta.
The trial will target 3,200 inpatients in European countries, including France, Britain, Spain and the Netherlands. The data will be provided to the World Health Organization.
French experts said on Monday that an initial analysis on the efficacy of the drugs are expected in 15 days.
No effective treatments have been found for the novel coronavirus, although the anti-HIV drugs and flu medications have been given to patients in various countries.
Source: NHK World