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Egypt disinfects tourist sites

Mar 26, 2020

Cairo (Egypt), Mar 26: Workers in Egypt have started disinfecting pyramid sites that have closed due to the new coronavirus outbreak.
The Egyptian government closed archaeological sites and museums on Monday after suspending international flights to and from the country.
In Giza, the authorities decided to sanitize the area around the pyramids so the sites can be reopened.
The work is being limited to artificial structures.
On Wednesday, workers sprayed the area around the ticket office and walkways leading to the Great Pyramid of Giza.
An official said tourism is important for Egypt, and they want to secure the safety of tourists.
Egypt has so far confirmed 442 cases of the coronavirus. The government plans to keep the tourist sites closed at least until the end of the month.
The closure will deal a heavy blow to tourism, a key industry for the country.
Source: NHK World