British writer and stand-up comedian Pat Condell

British writer slams China for COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 23, 2020

London [UK], Mar 23 (ANI): A British writer and stand-up comedian has slammed China and blamed its ruling Communist Party for the coronavirus outbreak that has severely affected the life and economy world over.
Pat Condell posted a video on his YouTube channel saying, "When it first emerged in the city of Wuhan, a responsible government would have dealt with it decisively. But, the Chinese Communist Party covered it up to save face, until it was too late to contain it."
He added: "They arrested (those) who talked about it. They refused all offers of outside help because saving face is more important to them than saving lives. The Chinese Communist Party is directly responsible for every death from the deadly Wuhan virus that they have inflicted on the world."
There are more than 328,000 cases of novel coronavirus worldwide and Europe is now at the epicentre of the crisis.
Condell criticised Chinese President Xi Jinping for not acting responsibly.
He said, "So, it seems that President Xi Jinping of China knew about the Wuhan Coronavirus weeks before he did anything about it. Maybe he was busy with important things than human life. May be he has crossword to finish, who knows?
"Let's not rush to judgement. As most people know by now, the Chinese communist party has infected the world with the deadly virus, the Wuhan coronavirus, which has killed thousands of people and caused unprecedented worldwide panic and lockdown that will likely devastate the global economy," Condell added.
"It's important to call this the Wuhan virus, -- or the Chinese virus as (United States) President (Donald) Trump would have it -- because as Confucius would say, it's important to call a thing by its proper name."
The stand-up comedian said, "There have always been enemies of the Chinese people. Now they are enemies of all humanity. They knew the world would be crippled by this virus when they covered it up. But, they lied, they lied and they are still lying now".
He added: "And despite the best efforts of the fake news media and the corrupt World Health Organisation to shield them from blame, the world can see what these people have done. How irresponsible and how dishonest they have been, and they have lost face. Oh they have ever. But, most importantly thanks to them, China has lost face. Xi Jinping and his party of gangsters shamed that country in the eyes of the world."
The writer said that China has shown the world that they cannot be trusted as long as the Communist Party governs it.
"In the last 70 years, these people have been in power. They have destroyed much of China's ancient heritage and tried to force the Chinese people to forget who they really are. They describe their system of government as socialism with Chinese characteristics. As if socialism wasn't cruel enough," he said.
"Not that it matters with socialism. Chinese characteristics, Russian characteristics. Whatsoever, sooner or later people end up in concentration camps, like (how) the millions of Muslims in China right now (are) incarcerated in what they call re-education centres, where they are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol, as if that's going to sort them out", Condell added.
He added, "So, as the Wuhan virus continues to shut down the world and to shame the Chinese nation in the eyes of the world, I am wondering what Confucius would make Chinese people's Liberation Army."
"I reckon he would be wondering when the Chinese People's Liberation Army is going to live up to their name and liberate the Chinese people... Either that or change its name to the more accurate Government of Shame preservation army. And then at least poor old Confucius might rest easy," the comedian said. (ANI)